Body neutrality the Switzerland of bodies

What the flip is body neutrality

You just got your head wrapped around the body positivity movement, what the heck is this neutrality thing all about? Well keep reading, we’ll make it short.

Lets refresh on body positivity first

Body positivity is a social movement based on accepting all bodies as good and beautiful  bodies. It’s about maintaining a positive view of ones physical body, regardless of it’s size, shape, skin tone, abilities, gender or any other appearance related attributes. It focuses on loving your body with all it’s societally deemed “imperfections” and is in bleating defiance of society’s beauty standards.


Potential problems

Toxic positivity 

A risk to consider with all positivity movements. When there is pressure to always stay positive and no negative emotions are allowed, we are expected to silence those in ourselves and others.


Focusing on the physical appearance

A far bigger concern is yet again tying our inherent inner worth to appearance, even if we do deem all bodies beautiful, we are yet again putting far too great of value on appearance alone.

Ok so what is body neutrality

Body neutrality is a shift in perspective that focuses on accepting, respecting and valuing your body for everything it does for you. It is a middle of the road approach where the appreciation of ones body is not tied to physical appearance in any way. Observing your body without judgement helps you recognize and prioritize how you feel in your body, thus facilitating better overall health results.


Body positivity would be saying : “I love my legs, cellulite and stretch marks and all, they are beautiful.”

Body Neutrality sounds like: “I love my legs because they take me to all the places I want to go.”

Our goal is to show you how to respect your body and it’s needs with the use of our tailored Food Abundance approach. We teach you how to eat intuitively and customize a flexible whole foods plant-based plan with the aim of facilitating a sustainable lifestyle change for good.

And that my friends – feels amazing for the mind, body and soul.