Boutique hotels for the sophisticated vegan

Elevated plant-based dinning

The sophisticated clientele that stays in your upscale establishment knows how to enjoy life and eat well. Vegan or plant-based clients of course are no different. We all enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting with a welcoming service.

Often underestimated

Vegans are far too often perceived as people who don’t care much for the finer things in life, gourmet food included. Naturally this is no where near the truth…

A personal touch

We offer tailored plant-based recipe creation that fit your specific vision. You wish to offer unique and elevated vegan dishes? It would be our pleasure to create those for you.

Boutique hotels are often valued most for their intimate settings and personal touch, that is why we offer extensive advice on how to alter or replace ingredients to best suit your costumer wishes.

We also offer consulting on best wines to pair with your dishes.

We can create an exquisite plant-based culinary experience for the finer palate that pleases the eye and matches your level of service.

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