Cafés with coffee for all, even the vegans

A small bite can bring big flavors, even if it is plant-based

Whether we are talking snacks, cakes, breakfasts or brunches, we create an imagine of plant-based (vegan) beauty and flavor that suits your style.

We can create modern signature dishes, inviting share-worthy meals that simply taste unforgettable and will have your customers coming back for more.

A welcoming feeling for vegans everywhere

If a group of people has vegans in it, the whole group will go where the plant-based peeps choose, based on enough vegan options for them. So if you want to be in the running you need to have these options and you need to advertise them.


Not ready to have vegan snacks in your café?

No problem! We offer extensive advice on vegan swaps to existing dishes, for easy and quick alterations. We can also consult on the best brands and suppliers.



Sometimes it is necessary to first educate the staff, if that is the case for you, we also provide workshops.

Coffee makes the world go around

And of course let’s not forget about the absolute staple of every café – coffee. We offer advice on the best plant milks required to make a wide array of caffeinated (or decaf) beverages. The classics, the best for making foam, the trendiest, the ones that pair well even with the most acidic coffee beans (even hipsters have nothing on us).

We can create a picture worthy shareable plant-based (i.e. vegan) experience that packs in loads of flavor and requires low staff needs.

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