Choose vegan today

“WHY” try vegan?

So why try vegan, or more accurately a plant-based diet? People have many reasons, some decide to go vegan for the animals, some choose it for the planet, and others for their health. We talk about this more in our other post why choose vegan (if you wish to read a more in debt view). And some people just want to feel good in their skin like the person in the pick above.

Whatever the reason may be for you, it is firstly important that you know your WHY. Knowing your why makes it easier to adhere to any change in life, the same goes for changing lifestyle habits.

Why try vegan with us?

So now that you have chosen to do this, and you know why – why would you choose to try the plant-based diet with us today?

Well we have over a decade of experience in the field, a science background, a taste for gourmet cuisine and most importantly know how to listen to your specific needs and wishes.

We aim to create a diet specifically for you, and by diet we mean a flexible eating habit, that is not restrictive. We believe in intuitive eating, food freedom and abundance, so you will never go hungry with us. And who wouldn’t want to be super healthy, eat delicious food, help the animals and the planet and look great while doing it? Honestly there are no down sides!

Hmm I am sceptical…

You may think at this point “Yeah ok, but I heard it’s quite expensive to eat vegan?”

Not at all, in comparison a plant-based diet is far more affordable. Additionally we here believe in a balanced science-backed whole foods plant-based diet, which means it’s all unprocessed stuff straight from the ground, bringing down the cost even further! And no – you will not be needing a bunch of supplements, just B12 and that’s it! Anything more is your choice, or might be recommended to you based on your specific needs, but that is absolutely not our aim here, as you might notice we do not have a library of supplements in our shop either. Our approach is based on meeting your needs through the use of nutrition science, where food is providing everything you need to live a full, super healthy life.


Our goal is to teach you how to balance your vegan i.e. plant-based meals for your specific needs and create a lasting lifestyle change through food freedom and intuitive eating.

And that my friends – feels amazing for the mind, body and soul.