About Me

As the founder I started this company in 2022 with the aim of bringing you nutritious wholesome meals that are science backed and packed with flavor.

My story in a nutshell


As a doctor of veterinary medicine, I am in a unique position to know where your food comes from, what it’s made of and what it does to your body.

Nutrition science has always posed a significant interest in my life, reading about it since I was 14 and taking additional classes on the subject of nutrition and dietetics in University.

I have been continuing to dive deeper in the last 10 years into all the research papers on the subject that I can find and additionally acquiring multiple certificates.

My vegan journey started back in 2010 for ethical reasons, and a couple of years later after someone close to me got diagnosed with a serious illness, I felt I needed to help any way I can so I developed my approach. It came to be out of necessity, with the aim of providing personalized guidance and support for optimal health. As a result I have been continuously approached in the last 8 years to help family and friends deal with their health issues and challenges.

Which is why I founded this company, seeing all the good a well balanced whole-foods plant-based plan can do, it would be a disservice not to share this knowledge with the rest of you.

Since life is to be enjoyed and fully lived and experienced, I make sure my dishes are mouthwateringly tasty as well as nutrient rich and visually pleasing.

In the past couple of years corporate clients started reaching out to me to help them with specific problems, and among other things, create signature recipes for their businesses.

So here we are today, with a company that does both, helps individuals with lifestyle change, and corporate clients with expanding their business.

With a common goal of providing a higher sense of well-being through inviting science backed recipes and lifestyle change.