Plant-based bistros for the win

Cool vegan bites

For your bistro we create fast, trendy and hearty meals that appeal to the picture hungry crowd. From the menu design all the way to food styling, we are here to help you every step of the way.

The optimal plant-based menu

For your type of business we aim to make recipes that save space, free up time and lower staff needs. Our recipes can have several ingredients easily prepared upfront, with minimal plating required.

Best vegan drinks are a most

Of course a bistro isn’t a bistro without a wide array of drinks. We know which are popping (pardon the pun), which are the all time favorites and of course the forever classics. So let us help you choose the best vegan friendly beverages to date.

Wondering why some drinks wouldn’t be considered vegan? Read all about it here.

Highly customized

We offer tailor made plant-based i.e. vegan bites, snacks, brunches, meals and more. We fit them all to your specific vision, plate styling included. You wish to offer unique and trendy dishes? It would be our pleasure to create those for you.

We can create a picture worthy plant-based i.e. vegan bistro experience, making you *the* cool spot in town.

*side effects may include costumers standing over tables to take pics

Not sure yet – read more here.