Shops with vegan products

The perfect vegan friendly products

We understand the unique challenges of curating your store to fit your customer needs. That’s why we keep our ear to the streets (yeah we are cool like that) and know all about the newest products as well as all time favorites.

We help you choose vegan products according to:

  • your clientele
  • desirability/trending
  • nutritional value
  • price
  • find best buys
  • the cutest and most practical packaging


Adding products, to expand your shop’s clientele

You already have a shop and just wish to add some vegan friendly products here and there? Of course we are here for it! Let us help you choose items that will fit in perfectly and combine well with your stores style and message.

Highly attuned

We offer tailored plant-based i.e. vegan shop creations that fit your specific vision. You wish to offer unique and trendy products? It would be our pleasure to find those for you.

We can create an exquisite plant-based i.e. vegan shopping experience even for the most specific clients.

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