This is just the veginning

What science has to say

The major benefits for people who decide to start a vegan whole-food plant-based diet are the high possibility of reducing the number of medications they take to treat a variety of chronic conditions, lowering body weight, decreasing the risk of cancer, and a reducing their risk of death from cardiovascular disease. It may also be especially beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, lipid disorders, kidney disease and thyroid disease.

Vegan i.e. plant-based

We use the word vegan on our site – however what we are talking about is better described as eating a variety of healthy, whole, plant-based foods. This includes primarily fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, algae, bacteria and their products (yogurt, B12). While limiting added fats, oils, refined and processed carbohydrates.

A personal touch

With education and offering support for adherence, we can improve health outcomes. Patterns of families can be especially challenging to overcome, this is why we suggest you include your whole family in the information that might help them choose to join you.

A plant-based plan is not an all-or-nothing diet, but a way of life that is tailored to each individual.

*side effects may include more energy, joy and a newfound zest for life

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