Vegan doesn’t have to be boring

Imagining vegan

When hearing the word “vegan” most people either start imagining having to eat a raw unseasoned carrot for every meal of the day or breaking the bank with ridiculously elaborate recipes that include ingredients such as rare fully bloomed hibiscus flowers from the foothills of Olympus handpicked by fairies every Mercury retrograde.

Vegan = raw and/or complicated?

So which is it? Bland cauliflower or magical leprechaun berries?

Of course neither has to be the case, if you understand nutrition and taste well enough. We can teach you how to maneuver your way through the sea of affordable herbs and spices. You can gain knowledge on how to balance macros in your meal. Learn how to choose the best plant-based ingredients to fit your needs. Since it can be difficult to master all that by yourself, we are here to offer the help you need to start. Because we just so happen to know how to find that perfect harmony between nutrition science and amazing taste, that is also cost effective and basically solves all your life problems (ok this last bit is a joke, but you get where we are going with this :D)

What we are saying is

Lets be honest – we all enjoy eating delicious meals, and having them be well balanced is just ideal. Now add to that finding the middle ground between easy and cost effective and you’re golden. Sounds too much work? Well not with us, since we will do all the work for you.

So whether it is for yourself or your business, if you love food and would like to try vegan i.e. plant-based recipes that are catered to your specific nutritional and culinary needs and make your life a little easier, make an appointment with us today.

No anemic meals or mysterious unicorn fungus.

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