Vegan friendly restaurants

In today’s flood of vegan options, you want to stand out

A signature dish is always a good idea, it will make a lasting impression and an impact on social media.

In our process we take account of your wishes, your establishment, other dishes and styles and put it all together to make something unique.

We can create modern signature dishes, inviting share-worthy meals that simply taste unforgettable and will have your customers coming back for more.

A welcoming feeling for vegans everywhere

If a group of people has vegans in it, the whole group will go where they choose that there are enough options for them. So if you want to be in the running you need to have these options and you need to advertise them.


Not ready to have vegan meals in your restaurant?

No problem! We offer extensive advice on vegan swaps to existing dishes, for easy and quick alterations. We can also consult on the best brands and suppliers.



Sometimes it is necessary to first educate the staff, if that is the case for you, we also provide workshops.

Be memorable

We offer tailored plant-based recipe creation that fit your specific vision. You wish to offer unique and elevated vegan dishes? It would be our pleasure to create those for you.

We also offer consulting on best wines to pair with your dishes.

We can create an exquisite plant-based culinary experience for the finer palate that pleases the eye and matches your level of service.

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